Global Area

Universal Market

The company is driving its exports growth constantly and expanding its reach to different territories across the continents. With traditional focus on the world as strategic growth markets, Jsb Exports is looking forward to enter into new geographical areas to increase its exports. Presently, the company exports to more countries worldwide, which is a testimony to its excellent reputation in the ceramic industry. Jsb sells actively in the most competitive Arebian countries.

Jsb is the Wall, Floor & Slab Tiles manufacturer company and exporting more than 25+ country in this world. Jsb with an unfailing commitment to excellence, it utilizes the finest of raw materials and rigorously checks and controls the quality of the products.


  • Our team always there to control quality during the Online Prodcution as well pre production and post production to match with standard norms.
  • We also take care of customer special requirement for quality standard like SGS and TUV etc.
  • we send live photos of production to client
  • We do accurate documentation according to Import coutry custom guide
  • Being Self Forwarder ,we have tie up with all shipping line which give us advantage to provide Competitive Ocean Frieght to our client
  • We provide private labeling according to customer requirement which helps customer's brand to grown in their market
  • we can do private labeling on sanitary product also

  • We provide Exclusive design according to customer demand
  • We can also develop new customised design for our clients
  • Right selection of Pine wood for pallets
  • Fumigation Treatment
  • Proper stuffing of boxes for maximum coverage.
  • Heat shrink or high GSM wrapping foil.
  • Required labelling according to customer need.
  • Recording Photography and Videography for customer reference

Work Culture

The export team is completely motivated to spread the magic of jsb exports products to the doorsteps of everyone around the globe. Our export team constantly keeps refreshing our product range in the foreign markets. Right from manufacturing, packaging, transportation to delivering the products to the desired foreign location, we leave no stone unturned to ensure the best of Jsb products reach every corner of the globe safely for absolute satisfaction.

Packaging Details

Digital Wall Tiles
Tile Size mm Thickness (Approx) mm No. of Tiles Per Box Sq. Mtr.Per Box Weight Per Box (Approx)
250 x 375 MM 6.80 8 0.75 9
300 x 450 MM 8 6 0.81 11
300 x 600 MM 9.50 5 0.90 14.90
300 x 900 MM 11.20 4 1.08 19.50
Ceramic Floor Tiles
Tile Size mm Thickness (Approx) mm No. of Tiles Per Box Sq. Mtr.Per Box Weight Per Box (Approx)
300 x 300 MM 9 4 1.44 28
400 x 400 MM 8.5 6 0.94 15.5
600 x 600 MM 9 4 1.44 28
Porcelain Slab
Tile Size mm Thickness (Approx) mm No. of Tiles Per Box Sq. Mtr.Per Box Weight Per Box (Approx)
600 x 600 MM 9 4 1.44 28
600 x 1200 MM 9 2 1.44 31
800 x 1600 MM 9 2 2.56 53
900 x 1800 MM 9 2 3.24 65
1200 x 1200 MM 9 2 2.88 61
1200 x 2400 MM 9 1 2.88 61

Our Export Country



Saudi Arabia